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    Track Your Food

    Follow these simple steps to track your food on the website.

    From your Dashboard click Track Food under the Food section:

    The tracker will automatically default to Today and the meal type based on the current time of day:

    To track food from a previous day, click the red arrow:  

    To select a different meal type, click the meal you would like to track:

    In the What did you eat? field start typing the food you would like to track and then choose it from the drop-down menu:

    Uner How much? choose your serving type/size, enter the quantity and then click Save:

    Repeat the above steps to add additional items. You will see your tracked foods below the Save button. You will see your total calories consumed and your calories left to the right:

    To delete a food item click the red circle with the minus sign:

    Note: To edit a food item you must first delete it.

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