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    Upload a Photo

    We encourage you to track your transformation by uploading photos to your Real Appeal Effect account. You can upload a profile picture as well as progress pictures that will show the changes you make during your Real Appeal Effect experience. Please refer to the Photo Guidelines for tips on taking the best pictures of yourself to upload on the site.

    To upload a photo:

    1. Log into your Real Appeal Effect account and then click the Profile link on your dashboard.

    2. Click the Upload Photo button for the picture you plan to add (profile, before or current photo).

    3. Navigate to the location where your photos are saved and select the photo.

    4. Adjust the photo so that the portion of it that you want to appear in the system is located within the white box with the dashed lines. Use the controls to:

    • Rotate left (click the left arrow)
    • Rotate right (click the right arrow)
    • Flip horizontal (click the horizontal line)
    • Flip vertical (click the vertical line)
    • Zoom in or out (click on and drag the end of the long dashed blue line to increase or decrease the image size)

    5. Click Save after you are satisfied with the changes you've made.

    Please note that the Real Appeal Effect system accepts the following image types:

    • JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    • BMP (Bitmap)
    • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
    • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

    Check your image file format to confirm that your photo is one of these image types. To determine the file format of your picture, right-click on the file (or control-click on a Mac) and select Properties. The Properties window will open and will list the file type next to Kind (Mac) or Type of File (Windows).


    Image title


    Image title

    Examples of file type extensions:

    Image title

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