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    Food Score and Food Check

    Food Score

    It's possible to see a Food Score for items that you track using the Real Appeal Effect app.

    In the app, every item in our food database has a score attached to it. This Food Score is intended to help you make healthier selections. Most foods will range from -5 (unhealthy appears in orange) to +5 (healthy appears in green), but both unhealthy and healthy foods can reach - or + 20.

    You can improve your score by choosing to consume foods and beverages with the highest food scores. 

    Some nutrients have a stronger effect on the food score than others. For instance, fiber will effect the score more strongly and positively than any other nutrient. That means foods higher in fiber score higher than foods that are low in fiber. The reverse is true for saturated fat. Foods higher in saturated fat have a lover food score. 

    High in Fiber:

    High in Saturated Fat:

    Complete the following steps to see food score information in the app:

    Tap Track under Food:

    Tap Food:

    Tap the Meal type:

    Search and select your food item:

    After selecting the serving size/type, tap the green circle with the i in the center:


    The number on the top right is the food score for that particular item:

    Food Check (iOS & Website Only)

    Are you interested in seeing an item's food score without adding it to your tracker? The Food Check in the Real Appeal Effect app allows you to do so. This feature can come in handy especially when you're grocery shopping or dining out.

    To access this feature in the app, tap Food Check:

    Search your selection either by typing the name of the food, brand or restaurant: 

    or by tapping Scan Barcode:

    And then scanning the UPC code of your item:

    The item's calories and food score is displayed:

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