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    What's Your Activity Profile?

    What if we told you there was one thing you could do that would improve your life in so many ways: speed your weight loss, tone and tighten your body, increase your energy, enhance your sleep, grow your self-confidence, reduce your risk for diseases, and more? Not only would it take a minimum time investment (as little as 20 minutes per day), but you’d notice results almost immediately. Sounds great, right? Take the below quiz to figure out what your “Activity Profile” is and to learn which forms of fitness may be right for you!

    Which activity is more appealing?
    a) A bike ride or walk or hike in the great outdoors.
    b) Any class at the gym—I love sweating it out with other people!
    c) A home exercise DVD.
    d) Playing a game of softball or tennis; it gets my competitive juices flowing!
    You have extra cash to spend -- which fitness purchase are you most likely to make?
    a) A hiking backpack, a UV sun visor, cool new bike shorts—any outdoor gear, really.
    b) A couple of CrossFit or SoulCycle classes; the group dynamic motivates me!
    c) One of those brand-new “workouts on demand” subscriptions for my home computer.
    d) A new tennis racquet or volleyball; anything to get a game going!
    What is most likely to motivate you to exercise?
    a) Blue skies, the warm sun, and a light breeze.
    b) That brand-new group fitness class at my gym.
    c) An open block of time with no one bothering me.
    d) A little friendly competition—there’s nothing like it!
    At parties, you're the first to...
    a) Catch some fresh air on the balcony or patio.
    b) Offer to share my new playlist and maybe even get the dance party started!
    c) Make an early exit. There’s no place like home!
    d) Start up a mean game of charades.

    Your "Activity Profile" if you answered...

    Mostly A's, you're a Nature Lover
    Whether it’s the rugged mountains or your local park, you find being outdoors exhilarating. What’s not to love about the fresh air, lack of crowds or the mood boost associated with nature? Exercise Rx: Be adventurous. Walking—whether it’s on city streets, through your neighborhood or on the beach—is the simplest and most accessible form of activity. (Try the “Walk It Off!” program found in your Real Moves Fitness Guide, which features interval and power walking for optimal calorie burning!) To keep it challenging enough that the pounds continue to come off, make sure to increase the intensity: Take a new route, add some hills, pick up your pace or walk with a weighted vest. Workout Wrecker: Bad weather. Don’t let rain, snow or sleet sideline your workouts. Have a backup plan—it could be as simple as taking your workout indoors to a gym, your home (the Real Appeal Exercise DVDs are a great option), or the mall.
    Mostly B's, you're a Gym Junkie
    You might be drawn to the gym because you love the energy of the group classes. Or perhaps you like riding the stationary bike alongside other gym-goers. Of course, there’s no worrying about the weather or your crazy schedule, as many gyms offer extended hours. Exercise Rx: Vary your workouts. Even if you find one thing you love—the elliptical or Spin classes, for instance—give another activity a shot. Switching it up helps prevent boredom, protects against overuse injuries and trains more muscles so you get a better workout. Workout Wrecker: Getting there. The gas, the traffic, the travel time can all be workout deterrents. The fix: Join a gym that’s close to your home or office, so you’re more likely to go.
    Mostly C's, you're a Homebody
    You’d rather work out in private—hey, there’s nothing like the comforts of home. It’s also cheaper and more convenient than a gym. Exercise Rx: Set up your home for success. Make sure there is enough clear and open space for you to work out in front of your TV, especially if you're starting the Real Moves workout program! Workout Wrecker: Distraction. The phone, Instagram, laundry—any number of things can get in the way of your home workouts. Make sure you schedule the time into your calendar and treat it like a doctor’s appointment or business meeting.
    Mostly D's, you're a Competitor
    Don’t like to lose? That can be a good thing, as long as you learn how to channel that energy. Working toward a goal—whether it’s beating your best time or besting your opponent—can be extremely motivating. Exercise Rx: Find new ways to challenge yourself. The key to keeping things interesting is to look for different ways to feed your competitive spirit. Prefer to go it alone? Compete against yourself; set a 5K goal and try to beat it or try to add 5 more minutes to each workout. Would you rather be part of a team? Choose a sport you enjoy and start an intramural team with your coworkers. Or, check out the local YMCA for competitive sports leagues. Workout Wrecker: The agony of defeat. You can’t get discouraged if you fail to meet a goal or suffer a loss. Simply set a new challenge for yourself and try again!
    A mix of these answers, it may be that you're a Cross Trainer
    You enjoy all types of activity, so why pick just one or two? Exercise Rx: Mix and match your workouts over the next few weeks to find the ones you most enjoy. Then choose two or three and rotate between them to keep things fresh. Workout Wrecker: Inconsistency. If you’re constantly jumping from one exercise to the next, you may find it hard to measure your progress. For instance, if you run on the treadmill one day and then don’t come back to it for a while, it can be difficult to see how much longer or harder you’re able to run from the previous session.

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