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    Create a Custom Exercise

    While our Real Appeal Effect tracker offers a substantial list of different activities, we realize that not every form of exercise is represented. In order to log calories burned doing a custom exercise, we recommend one of two options:

    • Create a custom exercise
    • Enter that you've completed a comparable exercise found in the tracker

    To create a custom exercise, log into your account and then click Track Activity on the dashboard.

    Complete all three custom fields on the exercise tracker page:

    • Exercise name
    • Activity (exercise group)
    • Calories burned per minute 

    Once that information is entered click Save. The workout should now appear among the listed exercises in the tracker. 

    If you're not sure what the calories/minute ratio is, you can find and use an exercise most comparable to what you did and use your judgment to log a greater or shorter amount of time that you exercised to increase or decrease the total calories burned. 

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