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    Internet Connection Recommendations and Troubleshooting Tips

    Your Real Appeal Effect sessions are all online, live-streaming, audio/video conferences. Whenever possible, we recommend that you use your own private Internet connection for the best Real Appeal Effect experience. We’ve found that sometimes company firewalls, VPNs and/or computer configurations can prevent successful connections to the live online Real Appeal Effect sessions. 

    It's best to use either:

    • The RA Effect app on a mobile device (iOS or Android) with a private Wi-Fi connection.
      Note: If you must use data instead of a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend that you have an unlimited data plan.
    • The Real Appeal Effect website from your personal computer with high-speed internet.


    Please see the System Requirements article for specific bandwidth requirements. It is important that your Internet connection is strong so that you can view the live online sessions without interruption. 

    Not sure what your bandwidth is? Go to to check it.

    Internet Connection Troubleshooting Tips

    Try these tips if you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the live online session:

    • Ensure you are connected to the Internet.
      • Check the Ethernet connection or the Wi-Fi signal.
      • Open another browser and access a different web page to make sure that your Internet is connected.
    • Ensure your bandwidth is sufficient. 
      • If you are on a computer, close additional browser windows/tabs that may be open.
      • If you are using the app, close all background apps that may be running. See the Close Background Apps article for step-by-step instructions of how to do so.
      • If you are sharing a Wi-Fi connection with others, ask that they do not use other video streaming services (e.g., Netflix or Hulu) during your Real Appeal Effect session.

    If the problems persist, close the live session pop up window using the X at the very top of the browser window. Then, re-launch the session using the "Join Now" button. 

    We are here to help if you need additional assistance! Please contact us at 1-844-934-REAL (7325), and one of our team members can help you. We are available Monday through Friday between 4 am and 8 pm Pacific Time.

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