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    Success Kit Contents

    The Real Appeal Effect Success Kit contains tools you need to help you start losing weight to prevent type 2 diabetes:

    • Wireless body weight scale: an accurate and easy-to-use digital scale. The maximum weight capacity of the wireless body weight scale is 397 pounds.
    • Pedometer: simple and compact. Use with the Walk It Off! Plan to track your progress step-by-step.
    • Resistance band: a beginner band considered “light resistance," providing 4.8 to 6 pounds of resistance when stretched to 250% of its original size.
    • Real Moves Fitness Guide: contains three distinct exercise programs that come complete with calendars suggesting specific exercises, and even the number of minutes to aim for at each workout to help you with the “calories out” side of the equation.
    • Real Moves Workout DVDs: videos of the three Real Appeal Exercise programs:
      • The Real Moves workout video program
      • The Walk It Off! program
      • The DIY (Do It Yourself) program

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