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    Live Online Group Coaching Sessions

    Frequency and Duration

    Your Real Appeal Effect live online group sessions led by your Transformation Coach meet for an entire year. Group sessions are weekly for the first 6 months and then monthly for the last 6 months. Each session is scheduled to last one hour. 

    Make-Up Sessions

    While we would love for you to attend every scheduled group session with your Transformation Coach, we realize that sometimes you may have to miss one along the way. If that happens, stay on track by scheduling a make-up session.

    You can schedule a make-up session by clicking on the “Click here to schedule a make-up session” link on your dashboard. This link will appear 15 minutes after the missed session. You can attend a make-up session up to the day before your next regularly scheduled group session. 

    Schedule Your Make-up Session

    To schedule a make-up session, click the "Click here to schedule a Make-Up Session" link:

    Next, choose the day and time of the make-up session from the options displayed below the Next Available Spots heading. The available make-up session days and times will be displayed automatically:

    Finally, click Confirm to schedule the make-up session:

    Your make-up session day and time will now appear in the top right hand corner of your dashboard:

    Change Your Make-up Session

    To reschedule your session, click Change:

    Choose a new day and time:

    Click Confirm to schedule your session:

    Note: Currently there isn't an option to cancel your make-up session. If you  are unable to attend, please review the session content in the Library.

    Permanently Change Regular Group Session Schedule

    If you need to make a permanent change to your group session schedule, please call us at 1-844-934-REAL (7325). One of our Answer Center team members would be happy to assist you. Our team is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 4 am and 8 pm Pacific Time.

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