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    Connecting From a Work Computer

    Your work computer may not be set up to access Real Appeal Effect, and if this is the case, we apologize for the inconvenience. We’ve found that sometimes company firewalls, VPNs and/or computer configurations can prevent successful connections to the live online Real Appeal Effect sessions.

    Real Appeal Effect is optimized for smartphones and tablets. If you have an Android device, iPhone or iPad, using it to attend your weekly sessions after completing enrollment is your best bet. 

    If you prefer, you can use a personal computer as long as it has the necessary operating system and supported browser and does not have a VPN or firewall that would block access to certain parts of the site.

    Please run a system on the device that you will use to join your live online Real Appeal Effect sessions. This is an important one-time step to complete before joining your session, and it takes just moments to complete. Please see the System Test article for more information.

    For a complete list of supported browser and operating system versions, please see our System Requirements.

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